Kelly Dean’s Senior Recital

April 29th, 2001

Free At Last! The tale of the 20 year college student

It was a long journey, but on April 29th, 2001, I finally graduated from college. You can read the whole sordid tale over a Help yourself to a few mp3's down below:



  1. Bach Eb Sonata for Flute & Pia — Download (6.3 MB)
  2. Ballade for Flute & Piano — Download (6.1 MB)
  3. Suite De Ballet for Flute & Pi — Download (4.8 MB)
  4. Suite Modale for Flute & Piano — Download (8.9 MB)
  5. When In Rome — Download (5.8 MB)
  6. Syd Vicious — Download (9.8 MB)


David Lovrien - October 10, 2003 10:57
Congrats on a very impressive achievement! Sounds great. I recognized your name and didn't figure it would be you until I read your story. All the best to you... David Lovrien, NTSU Legit & Jazz sax, 1981-1983 (didn't graduate either!)

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