About us

In 2002 as a senior at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) I made this website to document my recital and those of my friends at school.

I think at the time I thought that it would be a cool business idea to have a hosting site for performing arts schools around the country so people could share their recital event with all of the friends and family who weren’t able to make it. Of course this was before Youtube, WordPress, and other technologies made this sort of web publishing a lot more accessible. Fortunately I have had better ideas since then. :)

Fast forward to 2009, the site is amazingly still running and getting little bursts of traffic every now and then. A new friend of mine came across it and said they really enjoyed checking out all the music but that some parts were broken. I was visiting home to Houston for Thanksgiving, a slow time of year regardless, so I decided to visit this place to dust off the mantel and patch up some of the holes in the roof.

I hope you appreciate this site for what it is now, an archive of the music of a few friends in 2002. Many of the folks here have gone on to do amazing things, some with music and some not.

That said, if any students of HSPVA would like to put their music up here drop me a line.

— Matt Mullenweg